Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need wedding insurance?

Wed Safe provides financial protection if things do not go according to plan on your special day. This extends to include things like illness of the prospective partners or close family members which could force you to cancel your wedding at short notice. The insurance will reimburse you for irrecoverable payments you have made if wedding suppliers go out of business or if the weather prevents you or more than 50% of your guests from getting into the venue. If there is a loss or damage to things like your wedding rings, wedding attire, gifts or photographs, the policy can help reimburse these costs.

What does the wedding insurance cost?

The level of cover you require will depend on how much you are planning to spend on your wedding in total. Once you start to plan your wedding or civil partnership with a budget in mind to cover all the important aspects such as venues, wedding planners, photography, external catering, flowers, wedding attire, entertainment, transport etc.

Wed Safe provides 3 set levels of cover, namely Silver, Gold and Platinum and are priced accordingly for their increased levels of protection, customisable options with limits higher than the three tiers are available but please email us for more information.

Wed Safe products are a single once off payment, making it a very simple and cost-effective way of insuring your wedding.

When is a suitable time to purchase wedding insurance?

Once your venue and wedding date has been arranged is ideal, this is to ensure your deposits are covered should you need to cancel or reschedule. Wed Safe can be taken out up to six months before the wedding date.

Who can purchase Wed Safe wedding insurance?

Wed Safe must be purchased in the names of the prospective marriage partners and civil partners as they will be the policyholders. However, anyone can purchase a policy on behalf of the wedding/ civil partners but it must be noted that any claim under the policy must be submitted by the prospective wedding partners.

Will I be covered for payments already made prior to purchasing a Wed Safe policy?

Yes, provided that no incident has already occurred or been advertised to occur that would cause you to lose money, you will be covered for payments made prior to purchasing the insurance policy. Please keep all receipts for all transactions and where possible you should also get a contract or agreement for the services and products you purchase.

How do I claim?

We do our best to keep things quick and simple, please call our claims department on 021 554 5317 or email us at – our opening hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5:00pm.

What if I want to cancel?

After reviewing your covers if you decide to not proceed with the cover, the policyholder will have 14 days to cancel the policy starting on the day you receive your policy documents. Please email us at with a cancellation instruction, stating a reason for cancellation and proof of banking details in order for us to process a refund. If a claim has already been submitted under the policy or this is requested after the 14-day period, there will be no refund due as the premium is a deposit and minimum premium paid for the period of insurance.

Can I make changes to my policy?

Yes, of course. Should the dates of the ceremony or reception change, or increasing or decreasing of the cover level, please contact us via email at and one of policy gurus will be happy to help.

Can you cover my wedding and reception if it is taking place outside of the Republic of South Africa?

No, this policy only extends to cover weddings booked within South Africa.

Our ceremony and reception are on different dates, can this be covered on both dates?

Yes, you are covered for one ceremony and one reception, providing the date of your reception is within 31 days of the date of your ceremony.

Will we be covered for pre-existing medical conditions?

There is no cover if you or anyone else whose health the wedding depends:

  • Acts against medical advice
  • Suffers any medical condition for which they are awaiting results of tests or medical investigations
  • Suffers any medical condition for which they are on a waiting list for treatment
  • Has a terminal medical condition for which they have received a terminal prognosis
  • Suffer anxiety, stress or depression (unless admitted to a hospital in-patient)
  • Commit or attempt to commit of injure themselves intentionally.

If you or a close relative upon who the wedding depends has a pre-existing medical condition that does not fall into any of the above conditions, then the policy covers it.

What happens if one of our relatives get sick before the wedding and cannot come?

If they are a close relative (as defined in the policy) and are not excluded by General Exclusion 1 (which sets out various health-related exclusions) you are covered under the cancellation, curtailment and rearrangement section of the policy if, in the circumstances, it is reasonable, necessary and unavoidable that you cancel, curtail or rearrange your wedding reception.

Will I be covered for pregnancy?

Yes, if you suffer serious complications and the expected due date of delivery is more than two months after the wedding date then you will be covered for pregnancy. Please note we do not cover any disinclination to marry because you are pregnant.

Are civil partnerships covered?

Yes, of course. Wed Safe covers both weddings and civil partnership ceremonies and receptions.

A wedding supplier with whom I have contracted is in financial difficulty or has ceased trading. Can I purchase a policy to now protect the money that I have already paid and make a claim?

No. This will constitute a circumstance of which you are already aware or in the public domain and that will inevitably lead to a loss and is, therefore, not insured under the terms of the policy. This would lead to any such claim being declined and more seriously, depending on the circumstances, could be considered potential insurance fraud.

What happens if our venue goes into liquidation and continues to trade but is unable to guarantee our wedding/reception will take place?

We understand that this could be a major concern for couples planning their wedding day. We want to provide our customers with more certainty and peace of mind on their big day. As such, we have extended our cancellation coverage to cover circumstances where the venue has gone into liquidation and cannot guarantee your booking.

I am having more than one ceremony and/or reception, can I cover them all?

This policy provides cover for only one ceremony and one reception, so you must choose which ceremony and reception you want to insure when you purchase the policy. You are welcome to email us at for a quote to include the other ceremonies and receptions.

I am using a wedding planner to arrange our wedding, am I covered if they cease trading?

You are covered for costs directly contracted by you to them for their services only.

What’s the best way to ensure I have the best protection for losses arising from failure of a supplier or damage to wedding related goods?

A wedding insurance policy should provide you with good protection but there are some basic steps you can take:

  • Ensure you have a clear and written contract with your suppliers
  • Keep receipts and copies of any communication with your suppliers