Whatever the size of your wedding and your budget, we will likely have cover available to meet your needs. We have 3 tier levels ranging from R100,000 up to R200,000 with cover starting from as little as R6,000. With a fully customisable solution should you require more cover. Below is a summary of the various cover levels available.

*Excess for each section unless otherwise stated and are deducted per claim, per Section as per the wording.
Other than for Section 8, Personal Accident, Cover Limits (sums insured) are the maximum we will pay per Section in total, for both policyholders, not for each.

Wed Safe is administered by IF Administrators Pty Ltd – FSP 495715 underwritten by Protocol Risk Managers on behalf of Genric Insurance FSP 43638

For more information please contact Wed Safe on or 021 554 5317


We highly recommend you read the policy document in full, as what you see below is only a summary of the significant
Please note: Travel and Honeymoons are not covered by the policy (for that we would suggest you take out a separate
Travel Insurance policy, please contact us for more information). Changing your mind about getting married is not covered.
Other key exclusions of note are:

  • Any claim arising directly or indirectly from loss or damage by theft or attempted theft of any items left in any unattended
    motor vehicle, unless the property is left locked in the boot or glove compartment, concealed from view, and there is
    evidence of forced entry.
  • Loss or theft unless there is violent and forced entry to or exit from a locked room or building.
  • Bodily injury sustained while you are driving or being carried as a passenger in or on any quadbike or two or three wheeled
    motor vehicles of 125cc or over.
  • Damage to venue or hired flooring caused by footwear.
  • You or anyone else upon whom the wedding depends:
  1. Acting against medical advice.
  2. Suffering any medical condition for which they are awaiting results of tests or medical investigations at the time of this
  3. Suffering a condition for which they are on a hospital waiting list for treatment.
  4. Having a medical condition for which they have received a terminal prognosis.
  5. Suffering anxiety, stress or depression (unless admitted as an in-patient at a hospital).
  6. Committing or attempting to commit suicide or injuring themselves intentionally.
  • Pregnancy or childbirth except for related serious medical complications where the expected date of delivery is more than
    two months after the wedding date.
  • You or anyone else upon whose health the wedding depends failing to obtain the recommended vaccinations.
  • Events or circumstances of which you were aware or that were in the public domain at the time of buying this policy that
    make a loss or claim inevitable.
  • With the exception of the Personal Accident benefit, losses recoverable from any other sources.