Why Wed Safe?

Wedding insurance claims are made up of everything from damage to the venue, to weather cancellations and more. Here are some of the many real-life scenarios we are faced with every day.

Redundancy and cancellation

A couple had booked a venue and paid the deposit for a venue. Two months prior to the wedding date the groom who was the sole financial contributor for the wedding costs was made redundant by his company. The couple could not afford to go ahead with the rest of the wedding.

The wedding was subsequently cancelled, however, bride and groom were held liable for the deposits already paid, including a full venue fee, as per their contract signed with the venue.

Wed Safe provides cover for the cancellation costs following you or any of your close relatives who have or would have made proven significant and financial contributions on which the wedding arrangements depend, who are made redundant. The policy needs to be purchased a minimum of 12 weeks prior the redundancy for this cover to be in force and not be a possibility in the general news that a company will be letting go of certain employees due to financial problems.

Guest personal liability – additional extra cover

A couple had guests who had enjoyed themselves and got a bit rowdy at the wedding venue. Subsequently, a toilet seat was broken in the bathroom. This toilet seat however was imported from Italy and was not available locally within South Africa.

The couple were liable to the venue, as per the venue’s contract for the replacement of the toilet seat which cost R3,500.

The additional cover under Guest Personal Liability section provided by Wed Safe provides the bridal couple financial security following any loss or damages caused to third party property, for which they are liable.

Cancellation due to death of prospective marriage partner

A bride was unfortunately involved a plane crash, two weeks prior to the wedding and unfortunately did not survive. The venue could not waive their entire venue fee however they did provide a discount given to the nature of the circumstances.

The Wed Safe policy provides cover following the death of a prospective marriage partner which would make have the wedding ceremony impossible.

Curtailment and rearrangement due to illness of a close relative

A groom’s father was involved in a major car accident and was placed into ICU a week before the wedding date which resulted in the wedding being curtailed and rearranged. The venue still charged a full venue fee as food had been ordered and staff arranged for this day.

The Wed Safe policy provides cover for the curtailment and rearrangement of a wedding due to the death, injury or sickness of a prospective marriage partner or their close relative which would make having or continuing the wedding inappropriate.

Rearrangement due to adverse weather conditions

Following all air traffic being grounded following a volcanic eruption, over 50% of the wedding guests were travelling from overseas and could not make the wedding in time. The wedding was curtailed and rearranged. The venue still charged full venue fee which the couple were liable for.

The Wed Safe product provides cover for your inability or that of any of your close relatives or a significant number of guests (over 50%) to reach the wedding venue due to adverse weather conditions or natural catastrophe.

Cancellation due to injury of prospective marriage partner

A groom had his bachelors and was involved in some bar fight two days before the wedding. Following the fight, he ended up in hospital, with his lip split in two and ended up requiring reconstructive surgery on his face.

Leading up to the wedding date, people had flown to South Africa from overseas and the food was purchased for their wedding reception. The wedding venue charged full venue fee, which the couple was responsible for.
Wed Sure will pay for the full costs for irrecoverable expenses following the injury of a prospective marriage partner if the decision is to cancel the wedding all together.